German Business Partner - your partner to enter the German market!Germany Business Partner - your partner for a successful start of doing business in Germany!

Starting Package "Strategy"

- market overview
- survey of marketing and sales strategy
- chances/risks analysis
- rough cost estimation
- short business plan

...fixed price only € 5.000,-


We are your competent partner for market entry and business in Germany!


…successful with products or services in your home country.

…where and how could I multiply my success?

…willing to expand to new markets to enlarge your business.

…will the German market help to improve my company?

…eager to explore great new opportunities in the European Union.

…why is Germany the best starting point to the European Union?

…specialized in small and medium size companies with cutting edge products.

…so we are the perfect partner for you.

…familiar with the German market and its characteristics.

…we will check your products for their suitability for the German market.

…ready to assist you in bringing your product to German customers.

…save time and money in outsourcing the tasks of a new market entry.


Why Centinet Consulting?

- because we understand your product or service
- because we know your customers and competitors (and if we don’t, we’ll find out)
- because we understand the needs of small and medium size companies

- because we offer full service for reasonable prices


Germany Business Partner - export to Germany, doing Business in Germany with our  support!Germany Business Partner - doing business in Germany successfully with Centinet Consulting as your partner for export!